New ticketing system: upgrades

New ticketing system

From now on, our Conventions, except those which are announced in advance, will have a new ticket system. To attend any of our events, there will be a single entry which will have a price of €150

What is included in the basic pass (150€)?

  • Access to all panels.
  • Access to all activities.
  • Access to Merchandising area.
  • Access to Theme Parties.
  • 1 Autograph per regular guest (excludes Premium and Gold guests).
  • Possibility to buy extra products.
  • 1 Exclusive gift.
  • 1 Souvenir Booklet.

What is an extra product?

An extra product is: a photo, an autograph, a Meet & Greet, a Coffee Break, etc. For example an extra product with a certain artist that you want to buy.

The pass includes an autograph with all ‘regular guest’, but also the possibility of buying all extra products that you want. For example, buy 2 photos of a same actor, or different; or even a Meet & Greet.

Of course only as long as in stock.

What is an 'upgrade'?


What we call ‘upgrade’ are packages that can be added to the pass (150€). They are packages which are purchased apart, but that without the regular pass you can not buy any upgrade.

There will be two upgrades: Upgrade Premium and Upgrade Gold.

These upgrades include the following

Upgrade Premium (Limited to 100 Tickets) - 495€

  • 1 single photo op with each guest at the event (excludes any Gold Guests).
  • 1 Additional autograph from each Regular Guest.
  • 1 autograph with each Premium Guest.
  • 1st Called for Photo ops.
  • Private autograph session on the Sunday of the event; beginning of each session.
  • Reserved seating area in hall, rows 2 – 5.
  • Early access to any pre orders if available (just via transfer bank).
  • 1 Special Pack of the convention (if available for the event).
  • 10% discount on extras purchased at the event.
  • Event Exclusive Lanyard & Badge.

Upgrade Gold (Limited to 6 Tickets) - 2700€

  • All Photo Ops with each guests (included Gold Guests).
  • 1 Coffee Break with each guests (excluded ‘Gold Guest’).
  • 1 Hotel Room for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the event with Bed, Breakfast and Dinner .
  • Total of 3 Autographs from each normal guest, 2 for any Premium Guests and 1 from any Gold Guests.
  • Front Row Centre Seats.
  • Lunch on the Saturday and Sunday of the event.
  • Access to Meet & Greet (If one is held at the event).
  • Black & White 10 by 8 exclusive collection (available for collection at private signing).
  • Private Autograph signing held on Sunday.
  • Access to any additional evening events.
  • 15% discount on extras purchased at the event.
  • Event Exclusive Lanyard and Badge.


AF Events Team.