Get your ticket for Streaming ‘Polaris/Dreams CON’

Won’t be able to go to ‘Polaris/Dreams CON’? You don’t have time? You can’t afford the tickets now? Don’t worry! We have a more than perfect alternative. Because you can watch for just 8 Euros, all weekend, the whole event: The conferences, the atmosphere, the live performances, the surprises we have prepared for everyone … Something really unique. And you can watch everything from a screen in your house.

In addition, among all those who will buy a Streaming ticket, will enter a raffle to win an autograph of our guests. No matter where you are… we will send you by mailing.

The sale of these tickets will be made through our official store for Streaming:

You can buy now!

Chad Rook joins us for Dreams CON

Please welcome to our 4th guest (regular guest) Chad Rook to Dreams CON.

Chad can also be seen in such features as “The Wingman”, “Brotherhood”, “Killer Bash”, “Replay”, “Texas Road” and “Pestilence”. His TV appearances span across numerous series such as “John Doe”, “The Selection”, “Sanctuary”, “Supernatural”, “Shattered”, “Alcatraz”, “Cult”, “Played”, “Bates Motel”, “Cedar Cove” and “The Flash”.

Single entry to attend at ‘The City Of Justice’

From the production department of the convention ‘The City Of Justice’, after many discussions, analysis and meetings with different followers and collaborators, it has decided to make a new approach of the event, with the help of the respective Managers, for the benefit of the attendees.

Keeping in mind that for many fans of ‘Arrow’, ‘The Flash’ and ‘The Legends Of Tomorrow’ it’s very difficult to purchase a pass that contains more than one additional product, we want to communicate a new approach of tickets/passes..

So, to attend at ‘The City of Justice‘ there will be a general admission/ticket. Its price will be 150€. The new ticket will contain the following:

  • Access to all panels.
  • Access to all activities.
  • Access at the Merchandising zone.
  • 1 Autograph per guest (Excludes premium/gold guests).
  • Access to Themed Parties (If available for the event).
  • Possibility to buy additional products (While supplies last).
  • A Souvenir Booklet.
  • A Convention Badge and lanyard.

We inform that there will choice of two types of ‘Upgrades’ for a limited number of attendees (100 people in total). It will inform to all attendees about the ‘upgrades’ soon.

The ‘Upgrades’ are tickets/passes which will have exclusive activities and products.

‘The City Of Justice’ will take place in Teatro Auditorio de San Lorenzo de El Escorial

The City of Justice will take place in Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid).It’s the perfect location for the caracteristics of the activities that will be held at outdoors. A wide space and multifunctional that will offer to the attendees much more than the scheduled conferences with the guests.

This location they will not attend the doubts/questions about the event because they are not the persons in charge of the same one, just rent the space. Any doubt to our e-mail:

espacios_escenicos_el escorial


Teatro Auditorio San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Parque Felipe II, Calle del Rey, s/n, 28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid

  • Líneas de autobús: 661 y 664 (Empresa Herranz, ida y vuelta Moncloa-San Lorenzo de El Escorial).
  • Trenes: Línea C8a hasta la estación de El Escorial

‘Starling City CON’ is now called ‘The City Of Justice’

To offer greater coverage in the event that will take place next June 2016, is has taken the decision to change the name of the event by one that encompasses all its features: The City Of Justice.

On ‘The City Of Justice’ we will have the opportunity to enjoy guests of Arrow, The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow.