Xmas Raffle! Win a M&G every day.

Xmas Raffle! Win a M&G every day.

After the announcement of the 6th guest, Colin O’Donoghue, and for Christmas days, we bring you more surprises!

During the last 6 days before Christmas, we are going to raffle a M&G every day of each guest confirmed.


All the extra products purchased between December 20th and 25th will enter the raffle. Each day will be raffled a random M&G among all those people who make a purchase.

What extra products are included in the raffle? Photos, Autographs, M G or/and Coffee Breaks of any of the confirmed guests, whether Gold, Premium or Regular.


– You can’t buy extra products without having previously purchased a pass. You can buy an extra and a pass at the same time and it would enter the lottery.

In case that the winner didn’t bought the pass before or at the time that he or she got one of the extras to participate in the raffle, will be automatically disqualified and given to another participant of the raffle and the product that you purchase will be cancelled until you get the pass for the event.


How is the raffle going to be executed?

There will be 1 M&G per guest (Lana, Sean, Rebecca, Colin, Megan and Beverley).

The more purchase items you get more chances to win the raffle because your participation will be entered once per product, but you can only win one M&G per person.

If you win a M&G that you have already purchased, you CAN’T change it, is a raffle and whatever the price you win is the one that you get. But of course you will go to the M&G the date that you didn’t buy, but you can’t change the guest.


– The names of the guest will be placed in a raffle box.
– The purchases numbers to all the extras (or passes + extras in the same purchase) will be placed in another raffle box.

Finally, each guest will be paired with a number and this will be the winners.

All the winners will be announced December 26

Where to buy?

In our online shop by clicking HERE.

What data do I need when I will place an order?

Full name and the number of ID card/Passport/Drivers License of the person to whom the product belongs.

And the winner of a M&G are….

  • Rebeca García Pérez: Rebecca Mader M&G
  • Gabriella Parlato: Colin O’Donoghue M&G
  • Sandra León Montagut: Sean Maguire M&G
  • Yasmina Sotelo: Meghan Ory M&G
  • Timea Keresztes: Beverley Elliot M&G
  • Willma Dantas: Lana Parrilla M&G