Photos DUO and discounts

As reported by social networks, the following photos DUO will be available on sale since the day of registration and during the event. Some of these prices have already the discounted applied and they won’t have more discounts in the event:

  • Photo DUO Sean/Faustino: 75€
  • Photo DUO Sean/Gil: 80€
  • Photo DUO Sean/Beverley: 80€
  • Photo DUO Rebecca/Beverley: 80€
  • Photo DUO Lana/Beverley: 125€
  • Photo DUO Faustino/Gil: 55€
  • Photo DUO Faustino/Beverely: 55€
  • Photo DUO Faustino/Deniz: 55€
  • Photo DUO Gil/Deniz: 65€
  • Photo DUO Beverley/Gil: 70€
  • Photo DUO Beverley/Deniz: 65€

Oferts in the event:

  • M&G Beverley: 90€ before, now 70€
  • M&G Deniz: 90€ before, now 70€
  • M&G Gil: 70€ before, now 60€
  • M&G Rebecca: 180€ before, now 150€
  • M&G Sean: 180€ before, now 150€
  • Photos Beverley: 35€ before, now 30€
  • Coffee Break Beverley: 110€ before, now 82,50€
  • Coffee Break Deniz: 110€ before, now 82,50€
  • Group photo: 220€ before, now 200€

Group products for Polaris CON (The 100) 2017

The first GROUP products are already on sale at our online store ( Tomorrow we will put on sale the rest of the possible combinations online and when we confirm the rest of the guests we will expanding the combinations.

Remember the following:

  • It is not allowed to buy extra-products without having purchased a pass before. If you buy extra-products without a pass, the extras will be canceled without refund.
  • You CAN’T share these photos with just one ticket. That means, if you want to share with a friend and to appear together in a photo DUO or more both of you must buy a ticket.
  • These products are LIMITED and some of them are VERY LIMITED!!

¡A la venta los productos extra de Drew!

Acaban de salir a la venta los productos extra de Drew, el segundo de nuestros invitados para ‘The Mystery Of A’ en Madrid.

Para comprar tu foto extra con Drew pincha AQUÍ.

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