New raffle! Win autographs and/or photo ops every day.

New raffle! Win autographs and/or photo ops each day.

Between January 18th and January 27th, all customers who are purchasing any extras will enter a raffle of two extra products between all the confirmed guests every day (Eliza, Bob, Lindsey, Jarod, Chelsey, Ty, Jessica, Ricky).


All extra products bought in between January 18th and 27th will be entered in a raffle. Every day two (2) different products will be raffled among the people who buy those days, so basically every day there will be two (2) winners for each one (1) extra.

The winner will be announced 24h later (except on the 18th and 19th, they will be announced on the 20th).

Which extra products I can buy to participate in the raffle?

Photo ops, Autographs, M&G and even Coffee Breaks, of all the actors confirmed, no matter if they are Gold, Premium or Regular are included in the raffle.

How are we going to do the raffle?

In a tombola will be the names of each of the products to be raffled and in another tombola will be the names of the buyers of every day. That means every day there will be a corresponding tombola (day 18, day 19, etc.).

So, every day we will choose two winners and two extras aleatory, which will be paired.

Every time you purchase an extra your name will be placed once in the raffle, that means you have more chances with every purchase to be a winner. When you buy on different days you also have the chance on different days to win.

The same price can be given to a different winner, but each prize is individual. That means, that a price can come out randomly twice.

If you win an item that you already purchased you CAN’T exchange it. After all, it is a raffle and whatever you get, you get. But for example, if you have purchased a photo option for that particular guest for Saturday and your prize is the same, you can change the day – but NEVER for another guest.


It can be:

Autographs of:

  • Eliza Taylor
  • Bob Morley
  • Lindsey Morgan
  • Ricky Whittle
  • Jarod Joseph
  • Chelsey Reist
  • Jessica Harmon
  • Ty Olsson

Photo Ops of:

  • Eliza Taylor
  • Bob Morley
  • Lindsey Morgan
  • Ricky Whittle
  • Jarod Joseph
  • Chelsey Reist
  • Jessica Harmon
  • Ty Olsson


– You CAN’T buy extra products if you haven’t purchased a full pass. But you can purchase both the pass and an extra to qualify for the raffle at the same time.

If you win the raffle and you don’t have a Convention Pass you will be disqualified and the prize will be for someone else. Also the product will be cancelled.

Where to buy the products?

In our online shop HERE

What do I need to place an order?

Full name and your ID number or passport number

These are the activities you can share with Cody Saintgnue

On 13 and 14 August 2016, will be the two most intense days of your life if you come to the event Cody Saintgnue Fanmeet“. A very special meeting with one of the most promising actor at the moment.

cody_And as you know the main activities will be those already known by all lovers of conventions: panels, autograph sessions, photo ops and the expected ‘Meet & Greet’. But this is not all because we have several surprises in our hands to make this event unforgettable for you and Cody Saintgnue.

And the rest? Are not we going to advance anything else? Surprises and more surprises are coming the following weeks! All we can say is that you have to stay tuned to the activities that will be launching because they will be really special.

Any hints for preparing the way to go? Perhaps a meal, maybe a dinner or why not … a sightseeing tour around the city! Plus, if we enjoy a workshop fantasy with your favorite actor, what you have to say? We want to surprise you!

Of course, I could not miss the long-awaited party of any event… so I’ll see you all there, sharing a lot of fun with Cody.

¡A la venta los productos extra de Brant!

Acaban de salir a la venta los productos extra de Brant, el primero de nuestros invitados para ‘The Mystery Of A’ en Madrid.

Para comprar tu foto extra con Brant pincha AQUÍ.

Para comprar tu autógrafo extra con Brant pincha AQUÍ.

Para comprar tu ‘Meet&Greet’ con Brant pincha AQUÍ.

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