Summer Offers

We’ve gone crazy! The summer is over and the offers arrive to make you cope better with the upward slope of September. And Polaris CON 2 launches its offers and raffles to help you return to work/studies with better mood:


That’s right, from September 4th to 30th you’ll have 10% discount in all autographs and photographs, whether individual or duo, of all the artists confirmed so far: Eliza, Marie, Nadia, Rhiannon and Tati. It does not matter that they are GOLD or not.

In order to benefit from this offer you will have to use the code POST-SUMMER in the store:


Now if you buy a Saturday or Sunday Pass you get another as a gift, because it is better to go with friends to the event!! Until September 30th your friend will come free to the event.

You must send an email at with your purchase reference and within 1 or 2 days we will send you an email with a code so you can get the second Saturday/Sunday Pass and introduce your companion information.

Will I be able to upgrade my Saturday / Sunday Pass, be it the purchased or the gift? Of course! You can upgrade to any other pass, no matter what, look! if there is stock of the pass that you want.


All people who have purchased more than one extra product by September 30th, whatever and from anyone, will enter in a raffle to win 1 M&G with Marie or Eliza.

  • How does it work? Whether you have purchased previously or if you are going to buy now, until September 30th, from an autograph or if you have bought dinners, parties, or duo photos; all those people will enter the draw to win 1 M & G with Eliza or Marie. The more extras you buy, the more chances you’ll win the M & G you’ll have, this is like a raffle.
  • How many winners will there be? There will be two winners: one for 1 M&G with Eliza and another winner for 1 M&G with Marie.
  • When will we know who has won? The first week of October we will post the name of the two winners.

Good luck to everyone!!

Discounts – Easter Week for Polaris CON!


We heard you and we want you!

You’ll get 30% until Monday, 23.59pm Spanish time, on all regular Pass (Grounder Pass, Skaikru Pass and Trikru Pass)! This also is for the second/third of installment payment! Eliza, Bob, Ricky, Tasya, Rhiannon, Jessica, Ty, Chelsey and Jarod are waiting for you!! Don’t miss your chance to meet all these amazing guests! Don’t miss this Convention!

Plus: you’ll get 5% on every possible Extra! Now is the time! Don’t wait too long, before the discount is gone or Extras are sold out!

AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings are offering a special flight deal for the Convention ‘Storytelling CON’ for you!

AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings and AF Events agree to a formal collaboration for the Convention ‘Storytelling CON’.

AIR FRANCE & KLM Global Meetings are the official transport flights provider of the Convention which will be held next April in Castelldefeis, Barcelona.

To get the discounts offered by this company, you must access via this link:

Air France_02

Choose your country and click validate to access the next step to book your flight.

Horrifically good offers!

Do you love Halloween? Are you already preparing your new look for this next weekend? We invite you to that your imagination go much further of these holiday and that you design your cosplay to come to each of our conventions.

In one of the dates most festive, we launched an offer you can’t refuse: If you’re coming characterized by one of the characters of your favorite TV series, your entry will be free! What are you waiting for?

Read the conditions carefully and … “We wish you all the luck possible!

  • Not having acquired/purchased a pass.
  • The first 15 people that send a ‘Cosplay registration’ requesting will have a free pass to the Convention. Each Convention will feature 15 free registrations.
  • The free pass will have: seat reserved and numbered, access to all panels and ability to buy products and extras (photographs and autographs. NO M & G).
  • Cosplayers can participate alone or in group. There will be a maximum of 15 contestants whether they are individual or in a group. Each group will have a maximum of three members.
  • Online registration can be made from the Tuesday, October 27, 2015 until November 2, 2015, by sending an email to The subject must be identified with: ‘Cosplay contest   (the name of the Convention)’. Until you reach the limit of 15 contestants by Convention registrations must be sent.
  • The costumes must be based exclusively on characters from the tv show to the Convention. On registration, you must specify the name of the character and tv show of cosplay being represented. If it not adheres to the above themes, registration will not be valid. The costumes can’t be everyday wear costumes.
  • The first 15 people registered will opt, along with the rest of registered for the contest of cosplay, for the prize of a pack of merchandising signed by invited guests.
  • The jury will directly choose the winners of the following categories: best costume.
  • The jury will consider the originality, good taste, beauty and making costumes and staging of the contestants.
  • According to the Royal Decree 137/1993 on the regulation of weapons, are strictly prohibited from participants using in its action firearms, of metal and other blunt objects or imitations that, by its nature, can lead to confusion about his true nature. The use of dangerous elements for the physical integrity of persons such as pyrotechnic, flammable material is also prohibited. Only imitations of weapons in plastic, cardboard and other materials that are not dangerous for contestants and the audience will be allowed.
  • Also you can use devices connected to the mains, generator or any other connection to produce visual effects, sound or any other special effect.
  • The Organization and the jury reserve the right to take any initiative which, without being regulated in these conditions, will contribute to the success of the competition unless it can be made any claim.
  • Participation in the contest implies the full acceptance of the rules. Any questions about its interpretation shall be resolved by the same organization.

** Important Note: The participants for the convention of “The Mystery of A” may not go with the clothes of journal of the artists. It will have to be some cosplay with those who have gone characterized during the different costume parties, during the 6 seassons of “Pretty Little Liars” up to the date of today expressed.

** Warning: This offers is not compatible fot the Storyteller Night CON España”.

If you have any doubt, put in contact with us on our  contact form