Single entry to attend at the ‘Winchester Mystery CON’

From the production department of the convention ‘Winchester Mystery CON‘, after the impossibility of having among the guests with the headliners of the ‘Supernatural’ series, it has decided to make a new approach to the event.

So, to attend at the ‘Winchester Mystery CON’ there will be a general admission/ticket. Its price will be 150€. The new ticket will contain the following:

  • Access to all panels.
  • Access to all activities.
  • Access at the Merchandising zone.
  • 1 Autograph per guest (Excludes premium/gold guests).
  • Access to Themed Parties (If available for the event).
  • Possibility to buy additional products (While supplies last).
  • A Souvenir Booklet.
  • A Convention Badge and lanyard.

We inform that there will choice of two types of ‘Upgrades’ for a limited number of attendees (100 people in total). It will inform to all attendees about the ‘upgrades’ soon.

The ‘Upgrades’ are tickets/passes which will have exclusive activities and products.