Always F. Events team is obliged to launch the following statement after the last year we have lived, but mainly after the insults and misinformation that have been poured on us by what is known as’ bad competition’.

From the first moment we want to record the following: Always F. Events is a Limited Company created under the protection of Spanish laws. We are neither an NGO nor a subsidized Cultural Association to favor the culture of our community. We are a company with the purpose of organizing events to find an economic compensation. Like any company that is created in any country. You create a company to make money, not by social vocation. Therefore, events are created to obtain an economic benefit, if an event does not offer such benefit and will bring losses, you cancel. Or if you believe a lot in the project, you put it off giving it a second chance.

We believe it’s important to make this point clear for all that ‘bad competition’ that keep saying thay we are not pulling the fan conventions forward. No, of course we wont keep going on if only 15 tickets, 50 tickets, 60 tickets or 100 tickets have been sold … because as you know, there would be a substantial economic losses. Thank God we are no noobies, nor reckless and we know how to add and subtract and we are aware that losing money only leads to having to close a company, as has happened in recent years in different countries. Companies that went into bankruptcy to get conventions forward at all costs until there was not going back.

Honestly, this last year, almost, thanks to that ‘bad competition’ that has as sole objective to sink our company, we have fallen in that Russian roulette… to try that the events do not fall, at all costs, betting too many of our own things. Even by treading our own ethics and morals. Or accepting the lack of respect, threats and blackmail of some of the brokers. Until today. Because ladies and gentlemen, as good entrepreneurs, we do not bet our customers money. We bet on our own capital. Therefore, when we cancel and postpone an event, we return the money, as stipulated in our laws. If we bet the money of the purchases made by our customers, it would be impossible to make such refunds.

Embarking on a world as complicated as this, loaded with sharks, also has positive things. And, from time to time, you stumble across people in the industry who are real professionals and become great friends and advisors. One of them told us a couple of years ago that any artist is worth what its sells, not what an agent or manager indicates. It is a wise advice that we hear but that we did not put into practice. Until today.

Always F. Events announces that the only events to be held in 2017 are as follow:

  • Storytelling CON (April 2017)
  • Polaris CON & Dreams CON (June 2017)
  • Shadows CON (June 2017)
  • Zombieland CON (December 2017)
  • Crime CON (December 2017)

Always F. Events announces publicly that the Crime CON Convention is postponed until December 2017. The main reason is that after a year of production only 65 tickets have been sold. In addition, the event that had been stipulated to carry out, has proved useless in Frankfurt since we have found an endless number of impediments. To this we must add the threats and pressures of several of the agents who used other actors who are confirmed in upcoming events as a bargaining chip, if we dind’t  yielded to their pressures. This means: if you do not bring ‘Actor 1’ for ‘Crime CON’, I will not let you confirm to ‘Actor 2’ that you asked me for ‘Polaris CON’. The new location will be in the province of Barcelona, Spain. The actors that that are now confirmed for the new date are AJ Buckley and Charlie Schlatter.

Always F. Events publicly announces that the FanMeet to be performed with the actor Brant Daugherty is irrevocably canceled. This is one of the cases that we tried to get ahead at all costs but when it’s discovered that the agent you signed with is talking about you, with other companies, associations, pouring lies such as ‘we are robots’, that he has signed many contracts with us and that we have never paid, etc., you realize that it is time to say ‘Stop’. Neither we are robots nor have we ever worked with that agent, nor are we going to work with him in the future. And we have always paid all of the guests in time.

Let’s follow another great tip from a couple of friends: The artists are the ones who remain, the managers / agents are always back and forth. Well that’s it. We take advantage of these lines to inform that from Always F. Events we are delighted with the treatment that we have always received by the manager of Brant Daugherty and by the actor himself. But out of respect for ourselves and our company, any relationship and agreement with the intermediary agent has been broken.

In this part of the statement it’s important for us to make clear that a big porcentage of the agents/managers don’t care much about the fandom. They just want to get a big chunk of the pie, and even so, as long as they recieve their part they don’t care if the event is cancelled.

Untill now just a few of them are involve and even help in social media to move the event arround so it can be successfully performed.

Always F. Events publicly announces that we will continue to launch projects for 2018. And as always stated in our policy, if an event does not sell the tickets so that at least break even, it will be canceled or deferred depending on an analysis that Is done. Anyone who wants to join us and give us a chance will be always welcome.

Always F. Events affirms that from our company is not going to create a ‘real estate glove’. That is, we will not make the artists’ caches more expensive so that we can bring them and the rest do not. We have lived up close to 100% increments of a cache because the competition has consciously done to ‘eliminate’ adversaries. Without realizing that this actions, only increases the prices in the ticket sales. We have grazed this line. Never more.

Finally, we would like to publicly and expressly thanks to all the agents of the actors who will accompany us in ‘Storytelling CON’ and ‘Polaris CON’ for their professionalism and for their respect and affection to the public. Working with them is a real pleasure. Find that there are agents who seek the benefit of the public and not just their own. Taking care of each event as if it were their their own. As the actors are involved 100% in each step of the way, it’s a very rewarding adventure and all of them have made us believe that you can do good events in Europe, with the sole aim of making the fan enjoy. Because without the fan, ladies and gentlemen, these kinds of events would not be possible.

And yes, no matter how much it pains all that ‘bad competition’, this events are going full steam ahead.

For those who dedicate your time to look at us with a magnifying glass (companies, associations, as their own subjects): So far we have spent many hours giving you attention, from now on, we set other priorities straight more constructive.

And as a last point, one last important fact that we want to emphasize, the team that is working behind this company, at least for now, does not live of this events. We have alternative jobs that we can work together. We invest more than 16/18 hours a day. We have an average of 28 years. And we are not perfect. As humans we make mistakes, but we also have some other virtues. But perhaps the most essential thing is that we never wish evil to anyone nor our hours are invested in sinking the competition. We just live. And we try to treat people as we would like them to treat us. Especially because Karma is a …