Halloween Raffle!

Halloween comes to Polaris CON!!

What are you going to do in Halloween? Are you going to wear a custom? Maybe… will you go to a terrifying amusement park? A most creepy themed dinner? Or… better at home set up your own haunted house? We want to know!!

In Halloween we will raffle 2 autographs (to choose from between the confirmed talents).

To enter the raffle, you must use the following tags telling us what will you do this Halloween: #PolarisHalloween @PolarisCONEU @AlwaysFEvents

We will use a random system (https://competitionagency.com/tweetdraw/) to select the winners between the people whom has sent the tweet correctly.


  • Raffle valid from October 10, 2017 to October 17, 2017.
  • You must follow us on Twitter in both accounts: @PolarisCONEU and @AlwaysFEvents
  • Only one tweet by an account will be counted.
  • RT to the tweet of the raffle (spanish, english or both).
  • SPAM accounts or accounts created for the raffle will be disqualified.
  • All 3 tags must be used in the same tweet (#PolarisHalloween @PolarisCONEU @AlwaysFEvents).
  • This raffle is only for Twitter. Neither Facebook nor Instagram is included.


  • On October 18, 2017 we will announce the name of the winners. We will show the screenshot of the software used (https://competitionagency.com/tweetdraw/) to be transparent in the raffle.
  • There will be two winners, and both winners will be able to choose the same talent for the autograph.
  • If the winners don’t send a DM within 48 hours after notification of the winners, the prize will be passed to the next person.

The winners are…