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No, you can’t. Be sure to have with you your National Identity Card or Passport the day of the concert/registration.

Yes, you can always upgrade your pass if the desired pass is still available, but you can never downgrade it.

To upgrade it you have to e-mail us or contact us via contact form, and let us know that you want to upgrade your pass.

The value difference of the passes must always be payed via bank transfer using "pass upgrade" as concept.

That’s right. All our tickets are for both days.

Our conventions are usually on Saturday and Sunday, so the registration day will be on Friday.

In the unlikely case that we are forced to cancel the event all passes will be refund to the attendees via bank transfer. You must take into account that refunds such as flights and accommodations do not concern us, as well as the expenses of management of the payment with credit card.

In case of cancellation or modification of the date of an event, you will have a maximum of 15 days to request a refund from the announcement. If you don't request the refund in time, the request won't be valid and the refund won't be possible. It is your responsibility to be aware of news and / or respond to any emails that we probably sent with such information.

If you buy any extra product without having previously acquired a pass, in case of cancellation of the actor / actress, there will be NO possible refund. It is mandatory to have a previously purchased pass.

For registration day (Friday), you must bring:

  • The online accreditation that will be sent to you via e-mail in a .pdf file.
  • Your Passport or ID
  • The confirmation of payment of any extra products you purchased.

Once confirmed the details of your accreditation, you will receive your actual personalized accreditation, an identification bracelet, merchandising and other products you have purchased.

As soon as guests are confirmed we will announce them on our 'Guests’ section of the convention they’re attending and on our social networks (Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr).

Due to their busy schedules it is possible that we cannot confirm some of them until close to the date of the event.

Seat numbers are assigned by purchase order so if you’d like to sit with your friends it is important that you buy your tickets together and pay it at the same time. If for any reason you cannot do so, please, contact us as soon as possible after buying your passes and we’ll do our best to try to change that. No guarantees are made though.

It is not allowed to use professional cameras on the event nor it is allowed to record any video or audio during the event. We will upload on our Youtube channel a video compilation of the event.

You are allowed to take pictures during the Q&A (Question & Answer) sessions. Flashes will only be allowed during the first five minutes, after that, if you want to keep taking photos you must disable your flash. Under no circumstances you can take photos to be used for commercial purposes.

When posting your pictures online, be considerate of everyone in the event, as well as the guests. AF Events is not responsible for any photography taken for third parties.

You CANNOT ask guests to pose for photos during the event, you will have the opportunity to purchase Photo Ops (either included in passes or individually purchased). These photos will be taken by our professional photographer. This way everyone can enjoy a good & organized event.

You CANNOT take photos during the autograph sessions or the M&G, as it is completely forbidden to take photos with your phone during your Photo OP.

Whenever you have previously purchased a pass, you can buy as many autographs as you want.

Remember, stocks are up, so we always advise buying it through our online store and not wait till the event.

Artists can refuse to sign any merchandising other than the official ones or the ones provided by Always Fans Events

However, you can bring your own merchandising (DVD, books, pictures, etc.) or items to be signed if they agree to it.

You Can NOT bring drawings / posters / photo manipulations that may offend any guests or are made with provocative purposes.

AF Events team will check every external merchandising to us to verify that it is suitable.

* Important Note: The first autograph will always be the official photo of the artist. In case you want them to sign your own pictures / items you need to purchase an extra autograph.
If you buy any extra product without having previously acquired a pass, in case of cancellation of the actor / actress, there will be NO possible refund. It is mandatory to have a previously purchased pass.

NO. It’s totally forbidden.

You can use your camera or mobile for flash photography during the first five minutes of each panel. After those five minutes you must turn off your camera’s flash out of respect for the guests.

Partial or total recording of video or audio is forbidden in any activity during the convention. Anyone who doesn’t follow this term or condition will be expelled from the convention with no refunds made.

For more info read the Terms and Conditions.

No, you can’t. If you want to take you Photo Op with a friend, you have to purchase two Photo Ops (one for each).

If you have the same pass and you want to use the included photo, you will have separately expenses.

Tickets and passes are non-refundable (unless the event is canceled) and they are not transferable either. All changes must be done through AF Events at least two months prior the event, by e-mail. If we find out that you are trying to sell your pass, it will be automatically canceled without any refund for breaking the rules.

Our guests may have to cancel their attendance to any event due work, family or health related issues. If a guest needs to cancel their attendance to an event we will let you know as soon as possible ad we will do our best to replace them with another equally important guest. We cannot refund anyone due our lineup change or simply because you changed your mind about attending the event.

*This option is not relevant for concerts. You cannotrefund or resell a ticket for a concert.

Yes, you can. However, during the panels, the phone must be silenced out of respect to the guests and people attending the event.

Yes, you can. You can give those gifts during the autograph sessions. All gifts must be unwrapped so that they can be checked by the staff to prevent anything inappropriate or dangerous being handed over. If you are not sure that something is appropriate or not, please, contact us in advance to check it out.

You CANNOT, under any circumstances, try to hand the gifts during the Q&A panel or any other part of the event aside from the autograph sessions.

Most of our events have four seating areas assigned to a kind of pass, one after another, with gaps.

  • The (very limited) VIP passes will be in the front centered row.
  • The following zones, according to price, will bethe correlated areas with gaps.

No one with a lower pass may seat on the floor of another pass area. Our staff can ask you to stand and bring you outside of the panel room if you repeatedly sit on the floor.

Please respect other attendees who have bought a higher priced pass than yours. Since seats are numbered, it is completely forbidden to sit in one of them that is not yours, even when it is available because its original ‘owner’ is in another activity.

If you want to seat next to a friend, we advise you to buy your passes together.


You can follow the latest news on our official website, subscribing to our newsletters and on our social networks: Twitter or Facebook.

Remember to follow us on Twitter and like our page on Facebook!

Remember that each event has its own social network that you can find on their pages on our website.


Yes, you can. However, keep in mind that everyone under 16 years old need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. If you are 16 years old or 17 years old you can attend the event with and authorization properly filled and signed by your parents or legal tutors. If you are 16 years old or 17 years old you CANNOT be responsible for someone under 16.

pdf Download the authorization form.

* Children under 6 years old will be free admitted to the event whenever they are accompanied by a parent. HOWEVER, if children want a photo they must buy a pass.

Yes, but keep in mind that the minor will be 100% your responsibility. The minor can’t walk around alone in the event and they have to be by your side during the whole event.

*Concerts: in case of concerts, minors are prohibited from entering any nightclubs.


Payments can be done by bank transfercredit card or debit card and Paypal. Aside from that, some specific passes can be paid in installments payments.


¡It’s easy! First of all go to our online store (click here), , go to the top of the page where it says “log in”, fill in the field with the e-mail you wish to register, and follow the steps providing the requested info, using the option “Create an account”.


The registered e-mail will be where you’ll get the news, payment receipts, etc. Make sure you provided the your e-mail right.

When all the required fields (all those with an “asterisk (*)”) are filled, click on “Register” and it’s done! You will get a confirmation e-mail and you will be able to log in and start buying.

In the store you can buy from concerts tickets, conventions passes, extra products (photos ops, autographs, etc) and/or official AF Events merchandising.

The products are ONLY available on our online store. For concerts, tickets will be available in some indicated points on sale.


There aren’t a maximum number of tickets that you can purchase. Once you have signed up, you can purchase as many tickets as you want. In case of conventions, when you buy the passes, you have to send us an e-mail with all your information and/or the information of the people those tickets belong to [full name and ID]


The payment by credit/debit card is very simple. Even though you see the “Banco Sabadell” logo, it doesn’t mean you can’t pay with your card even if it’s from another bank, it means that we work with said bank.

Whatever your bank is, you will able to pay for all the products on our online store using a Visa or MasterCard card.

Once you have all the product(s) and the right amount of it (them) you want to buy in your “Cart”, click on “Check” to make sure your order is alright before proceeding to the payment.

If you haven’t provided a billing/shipping address, you will have to provide that info now before making your purchase. It’s a simple, mandatory and usual step.

To proceed with the purchase you must accept the Terms of Sales


Finally, you will reach the last step where you must choose the "Payment Method", in your case, "Card Payment" (card payment through Virtual TPV of Banco Sabadell).

This Virtual TPV is a payment gateway credit card / debit encrypted antifraud security, so your purchase will be 100% safe and verified. This payment gateway has absolutely nothing to do with AF Events, so, everything will be directly linked to your bank and we will not have access to any of your bank data.

Once inside the Virtual POS, you will be asked for the information on the card you are using to pay (Card number, expiration date and security code - the three numbers on the back of the card).

Check that every information is correct. Once checked you should click on "Pay" and it’s done!* If you didn’t have any problem/error your purchase was made and you will be automatically taken back to our online shop for verification.

In addition, you will receive a detailed e-mail with the confirmation of all products purchased.

* In many cases, you will be asked for an authorization key for online payments.

Important: In case of error in payments, don’t worry; try again double-checking all your information. If after several attempts you continue to get an error, you must wait 24 hours before trying again; the safety “anti-fraud” system will block your card for 24 hours after three errors in a row.

Paying via bank transfer is simple but slower. Whatever your bank is, you can make a bank transfer to our bank. Either going to a “Banco Sabadell” or directly from your bank. Remember that bank transfers are subject to fee.

Once you have all the product(s) and the right amount of it(them) you want to buy in your “Cart”, click on “Check” to make sure your order is correct before proceeding to the payment.

If you haven’t provided a billing/shipping address, you will have to provide that info now before making your purchase. It’s a simple, mandatory and a usual step.

To proceed with the purchase you must accept the Terms of Sale.


Finally, you will reach the last step where you must choose the "Payment Method", in your case, "Payment by Bank Transfer” and then “Confirm”.

On the next screen you will see a short summary of your order and you should click on "Confirm the order".


It’s done! Your book is done and on the next screen you will see all AF Events bank account info, to which the payment of your purchased item(s) must be done: Owner, IBAN / BIC, address, etc.

**Important: Remember that you must write as a concept the order number and your name. From the moment you confirm the purchase you will have 7 days to make the bank transfer. After those 7 days, if we have not received any payment from you, your order will be canceled and you will have to purchase it again.

Once payment is received, you will receive a detailed confirmation e-mail of all purchased products.

Is it possible to pay for my passes on installment payments? (In several times).

Yes, but ONLY the ones who choose to book their passes.

What does it mean? The booking period will last two weeks and only those who book their passes will have the right to make installments payments.

Installment payments are ONLY for those who made and paid for their reservation. All those who have not booked their pass on the given date can only pay it in a single installment. Anyone who buys a pass in an installment payment but do not have a previous reservation will have their order automatically CANCELED with NO REFUND.

Remember, installment payments must be paid in the given dates or your pass will be CANCELED and NO REFUND from any payment already made will be done.

The payment dates for each pass, as well as the number of installments that you can pay, will be specified on the online store and on the actual store.

Once you have bought your ticket and payed for it you'll receive an e-mail confirming your order and you’ll see your name, along with your purchase reference and the product information (example). This will be your virtual pass.

* In case of concerts, you’ll have to print the received e-mail and bring it to the event to trade it for an actual pass.

** In case of conventions, close to the day of the event, you’ll receive an online pass with your seat number and your purchase reference.

Actual tickets will be handed out on the day of the event’s registration. You must have with you your National Identity Card or Passport, along with the printed e-mail.

Yes, but you have to e-mail us your information [full name and ID number]

to the assigned e-mail for the event you’re attending.