Competition Rules FAN FIC


  • One FanFiction per person is allowed.
  • It has to be a short closed story. That means a story with one chapter with a minimum of 1000 words without any sequel.
  • Not having offensive content.
  • Not having copied content. Must be original.
  • The story should be sent in .WORD format, Arial, size 12 and must contain a cover sheet including he following:
    • Story Title
    • Author: real name and username
    • gender
    • short synopsis
    • characters
  • Not be published in any social network / internet ( eg. Wattpad, Fanfiction, forums) or have been submitted to any other competition.
  • Your Fiction should be sent with name in the body text of the email, including the matter: Competition FAN FIC.
  • MSN language is prohibited and you will be disqualified
  • Only people attending the convention may participate.
  • The turnaround time is exposed at the end of the contest.
  • They will not be able to vote themselves. (We mean that they can not give vote to his own Fiction), as that would be disqualifying.
  • Participation in this competition implies acceptance of its rules. Always Fans Events reserves the right to modify, delete or expand these rules.


  • 4 members of Team Events Fans Always, analyze the Fictions received to select those who fit the bases set up the dates specified below.
  • All Fictions that fit the requirements will be presented during the course of the convention, available to conference attendees in one of the stands, for viewing and subsequent vote. The vote will be anonymous and small urns be established for each attendee to leave feedback.
  • To make transparent voting, published Fictions not include the author’s name, since what matters is that people vote for drawing and not by favoritism towards the contestant.


The last day will be awarded three prizes (first, second and third). There will be three different lots of merchandising.