THis registration system is for those who purchased online. Not for those who go to buy the ticket at the event

  • 15.30 – 16.30: Trikru pass holders have priority to buy extras, Skaikru pass holders will from 16.30
    • Trikru Pass holders
    • Skaikru Pass holders
  • 16.30 – 17.30:
    • Grounder Pass holders
  • 17.30 – 19.00:
    • Weekend/Cosplay pass holders
    • Accompanion/Saturday/Sunday pass holders






Selfies available!

Selfies available!

You’re not really into photo ops? Would you rather a funny picture with your phone? Are you one of those who makes the most of those moments? We have the perfect solution! You’ll be able to get a selfie with the guest of your choice at Polaris CON 2. And we have two offers you won’t be able to turn down:

Eliza Taylor

  • Selfie (it will take place during autograph sessions): 35€
  • Selfie + autograph (it will take place during autograph sessions): 70€

Nadia Hilker

  • Selfie (it will take place during autograph sessions): 20€
  • Selfie + autograph (it will take place during autograph sessions): 40€

Tasya Teles

  • Selfie (it will take place during autograph sessions): 20€
  • Selfie + autograph (it will take place during autograph sessions): 40€

Rhiannon Fish

  • Selfie (it will take place during autograph sessions): 20€
  • Selfie + autograph (it will take place during autograph sessions): 40€


Keep in mind that during autograph sessions any recording is strictly forbidden.

Only one (1) selfie per attendee.

You’ll be able to print the selfies with a 4€ charge. The pictures will be available to pick up at the end of each day (Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon)

RAFFLE! Win a ‘Blood Party’

Would you like to win a ‘Blood Party’?

We will use a random system ( to select the winners between the people whom has sent the tweet correctly.


  • Raffle valid from14th until the 19th of March.
  • RT to the tweet of the raffle (spanishenglish or both).
  • The 700 RTs will only be needed un one of the tweets (English or Spanish), no need for both of them.
  • Raffle only applicable for people with tickets to the event.
  • SPAM accounts or accounts created for the raffle will be disqualified. No spams allowed in the answers, but several answers are.
  • All 3 tags must be used in the same tweet (#PolarisCON #The100 #PolarisParty).
  • This raffle is only for Twitter. Neither Facebook nor Instagram is included.


  • Between March 20 and 23, 2018 we will announce the name of the winner. We will show the screenshot of the software used ( to be transparent in the raffle.
  • If the winner doesn’t send a DM within 48 hours after notification of the winner, the prize will be passed to the next person.

Minors and companions

After some requests and doubts about minors and companions, our production team has decided to put on limited stock some “companion tickets”, which will cost 20€.

  • Who can access to this ticket?
    This companion ticket will EXCLUSIVELY available for parents and the legal guardian that have to accompany the minor.
  • I’m a parent/legal guardian of a minor and I want to go with them. How do I get this ticket?
    You will have to send us an email to alongside this authorization (download here) properly filled out. Once we receive it and check everything is correct, we will answer the email with the code that you will have to use to purchase the ticket. You must buy the tickets in the same purchase: companion and minor/minors.
  • What can I access with this “Companion ticket”?
    You can only access to the enclosure and to the merchandising zone. You won’t have access to the panels zone and other activities and you won’t be able to buy extra tickets for you. In case you would like to take a picture or access a panel, you must do an upgrade to a higher pass.
  • FAQ
    You have more information regarding this in our FAQ (read here)


If you’re a parent/legal guardian that have already bought the pass when this option wasn’t available, send as an email to and we will repay it to you with the difference of the pass that you purchased.

Clearly, every parent/legal guardian that want to enjoy the event with their son or daughter, can purchase any other pass, not just the “companion ticket”.


Summer Offers

We’ve gone crazy! The summer is over and the offers arrive to make you cope better with the upward slope of September. And Polaris CON 2 launches its offers and raffles to help you return to work/studies with better mood:


That’s right, from September 4th to 30th you’ll have 10% discount in all autographs and photographs, whether individual or duo, of all the artists confirmed so far: Eliza, Marie, Nadia, Rhiannon and Tati. It does not matter that they are GOLD or not.

In order to benefit from this offer you will have to use the code POST-SUMMER in the store:


Now if you buy a Saturday or Sunday Pass you get another as a gift, because it is better to go with friends to the event!! Until September 30th your friend will come free to the event.

You must send an email at with your purchase reference and within 1 or 2 days we will send you an email with a code so you can get the second Saturday/Sunday Pass and introduce your companion information.

Will I be able to upgrade my Saturday / Sunday Pass, be it the purchased or the gift? Of course! You can upgrade to any other pass, no matter what, look! if there is stock of the pass that you want.


All people who have purchased more than one extra product by September 30th, whatever and from anyone, will enter in a raffle to win 1 M&G with Marie or Eliza.

  • How does it work? Whether you have purchased previously or if you are going to buy now, until September 30th, from an autograph or if you have bought dinners, parties, or duo photos; all those people will enter the draw to win 1 M & G with Eliza or Marie. The more extras you buy, the more chances you’ll win the M & G you’ll have, this is like a raffle.
  • How many winners will there be? There will be two winners: one for 1 M&G with Eliza and another winner for 1 M&G with Marie.
  • When will we know who has won? The first week of October we will post the name of the two winners.

Good luck to everyone!!

Unable to attend Polaris CON 2? You can still order autographs to be signed

Autograph Pre order Service – Polaris CON 2

Unable to attend Polaris CON 2? You can still order autographs to be signed on the 20x30cm images provided by the event or send in your own items to be signed by many of our attending guests. All the images provided by the event have been approved by our guests so you know you’re getting a great image no matter which one you choose!

Select which guest you want and the shipping cost zone on the store and if you want a dedication on the picture, please send it to with your order reference number.

  • Shipping cost for an autograph (maximum 20x30cm):
    • Spain: 5,70€ *
    • Europe: 7,25€ *
    • Outside Europe: 8,10€ *
  • Shipping cost for an FUNKO POP Autograph (option not available yet):
    • Spain: 22,50€ *
    • Europe: 26,90€ *
    • Outside Europe: 30,45€ *
  • OFFER! 1 or 4 autographs (maximum 20x30cm): If you buy between 1 and 4 autographs in maximum 20x30cm format, you’ll save money and only pay the shipping for 1:
    • Spain: 5,70€ *
    • Europe: 7,25€ *
    • Outside Europe: 8,10€ *
  • OFFER! 2x FUNKO POP Autographs(option not available yet)If you buy 2 FUNKO POP Autographs you’ll save money and only pay the shipping for 1:
    • Spain: 37,50€ *
    • Europe: 41,90€ *
    • Outside Europe: 45,45€ *

All prices include VAT but NOT include the autograph of the artist to choose. In case of FUNKO POP the price includes 1 or 2, according to choice, of a FUNKO POP figure.

The types of FUNKO POP will be indicated in the ticket of purchase in the store.


*Please note not all of our guests will personalise items – so we cannot guarantee personalisation. 
*If you are sending in your own item (the shipping costs will be at your expense) and you require special mailing arrangements, please email us first to arrange, thank you.

[TUTORIAL] Purchase your ticket with EventBrite

How can I purchase with EventBrite and what can I do

You can purchase the tickets for our events with EventBrite.

It is really easy. Ge tinto the event that you want to buy a ticket or product for, select the product and the quantity (in case you’re buying passes, there’s a limit of two passes for every purchase, if you wish to buy other two passes for your siblings or friends you shall do it in different purchases).
You can buy several products at once, for instance, you can buy two Access pass, 5 photos with an artista, one autograph and two M&G.

If you have a DISCOUNT VOUCHER or you know about any promo, you must inclue it where it says “Enter promotional code”.

To proceed with the purchase you just have to click in ORDER NOW. You will have 8 minutes to complete the purhase, if you don’t complete it in this time, the products will be invalid and they’ll be back in stock for other people to buy.

In case of very requested products, they will be yours during these 8 minuts, but if you exceed the time, another person could buy them before you.

 (example of the selected purchase resumee)

It’s very easy.

The first information is the buyer info:

  • Full Name
  • Email

Then you will be asked if you want to buy with credit car or wire transfer (pay by check).

* In case you choose “pay by check”, the account number you will need to pay will appear at the bottom with all the necessary information. In case you don’t find it and you need it, you must send as a private message.

Then, you will be asked about the information of the holder for every selected product..:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Birth date.

Also, you will have to accept the terms and conditions that you will find there.

In case you have bought more products or tickets for you and your Friends, you will have the option to copy the same information that you gave for other tickets so you don’t have to do it again. You will only have to click in the info you want to copy.

In case you exceed these 8 minutes, there will be a message warning you about it.

Click in the images for the complete tutorial.

Yes, you will always be able to upgrade your pass for a higher one, as long as they are available, but you can not change it for an inferior one.

Solo deberás entrar a tu perfil, elegir la entrada que quieres modificar y seguir los pasos.

  1. Una vez seleccionada la entrada a modificar, vendrá detallada la información de la persona a la que pertenece ese pase. Tendrás que pulsar en CAMBIAR.

2. Deberás seleccionar la nueva entrada por la que quieres cambiarla. OJO, si por error o por intentar bajar de rando un pase, haces el cambio a un ticket de categoría inferior, perderás el dinero que hayas pagado de diferencia. SÓLO es posible subir de rango un ticket, NO bajarlo. Pulsa en CONTINUAR. Y verás el resumen del cambio con el coste final a abonar en diferencia. Al pulsar en CONTINUAR de nuevo, te llevará a la pasarela de pago.AVISO: los upgrades solo podrán abonarse con tarjeta de crédito/débito. No podrá ser via transferencia bancaria.

3. En caso de tener algún código promocional activo, deberás pulsar en “Introducir código promocional” y aparecerá directametne los precios ya reducidos. Deberás pulsar CONTINUAR y seguir el paso 2.

Sí. Podrás transferir tu pase y se podrán cambiar los datos pero siempre deberás avisar antes a la organización enviando un email de la convención a la que corresponda:


En caso de NO avisar, el pase solo será válido para la persona que indique en la acreditación.

Los cambios solo podrán realizarse hasta 20 días antes de la fecha del evento. Pasada esa fecha no se admitirán cambios posibles de nombre en un pase. Ni siquiera el día del registro.

15% discount in passes – Polaris CON 2

Did you attend the first edition of Polaris Con at Frankfurt?

Great! We hope to see you in the second edition, but in Barcelona this time. And, in order to thank you for participating and because of the cancellations that we had, we offer you 15% discount in the purchase of any pass (cosplay ticket not included).

This discount can only be used once per email. For instance, if you bought passes for more than a friend, you shall send us a DM in Twitter and tell us so we can add your friend’s email.

This discount will available until the 30st of September 2017.

If you haven’t received an email with the discount code, please send as a DM on twitter.


Win a Weekend Pass – Raffle Polaris CON 2 [CLOSED]

Win a  Weekend Pass!

Yes, by the face! We are already in summer and for many it is a symbol of holidays and we want to reward you for it.

What do you need to do for win a weekend pass? | RULES

  • Follow us at @PolarisCONEU & @AlwaysFEvents
  • To make RT this tweet (quotes not count).
  • Reply this tweet with hashtag #PolarisCON and telling us what to do in summer. Maybe a trip? The SDCC? Surprise us!
  • Just 1 tweet valid per peson. No spam accounts.


This raffle will be in force from July 13 to July 21 .The winner will be randomly among all those who comply with the rules correctly.

The winner will be announced on July 22th around the day. We will send its a DM to know where to send the pass.

Good luck to all!


The winner is @MissGinsey

Rules for the Cosplay Tickets- Polaris CON 2

  • You must go both days with the same, or different, cosplays to the event. Otherwise you will not be able to access the event with that ticket and you must purchase another ticket.
  • The cosplay must be of the theme of The 100.
  • The cosplay can not be pants/shirts similar to the protagonists without more (eg, stained street clothes), must be a character’s costume (eg: Bellamy and his military outfit, Clarke as Wanheda, Lexa, Octavia in war attire, etc and / or similar of the previous characters or any other).
  • The cosplay must be done by hand. Prefabricated or custom costumes are not allowed. The accessories or prefabricated parts can be used to make the suit as long as they have been obviously modified by the participant. No special effects will be allowed that are connected to the mains, generator or any other type of connection. Also prohibited are fire or smoke effects, crackers containing gunpowder and laser lights. You can spread objects on the stage during the performance, but it is prohibited to spot, mark or damage the stage. Any item that requires time for cleaning on stage is prohibited.
  • WARNING: According to Royal Decree 137/1993, regulating the access and use of weapons, it is strictly forbidden for visitors to carry firearms, cutting weapons and blunt objects, or replicas of such objects that could lead to confusion on their real nature. It is also forbidden the use of objects that could be hazardous for persons, such as fireworks or flammable materials. The only weapons permitted are the ones made of plastic, cardboard or other non-hazardous materials.

These rules can be extend if its necesary.