Activities during a convention

What is a Panel?

The panels are the main activity for all convention attendees. The actors interact with the audience. There will be 45 minutes of questions and answers between attendees and actors. It takes place in the events main room and is divided in zones, depending on the type and number of your pass.

All types of passes have access.



What to do in the session Photo Ops?

This is the time for your personal photo shoot. In a small set designed for the event, you can take your desired picture with your favorite artist. We will be happy to help you in front of the camera with some fun positions, grimacing, a hug, etc.

If what you ask is possible, we will be very happy to make it happen.


What is done in the Autographs session?

It is that perfect moment that every fan expect to enjoy. And if you want to take the time to give that special gift you’ve been dreaming of to give the actor since you bought your ticket, this is the opportunity. Remember that guests can only sign official photos or stuff we officially agreed to.



What is done in the ‘M&G’ or ‘CoffeeBreak’ session?

The Meet & Greet is a private meeting with a maximum of 15/25 Fans during 30 minutes.

The CoffeeBreak is always with less Fans than the M&G and includes Coffee and Cake.