We offer an innovative project, echoing the current and exigent demand from the public…

Always Fans Events (or AF Events) was founded with the objective and compromise of offering a new dimension in the creation and production of events.

With cared events, both in its structure and its aesthetic and diffusion, we give to any artist the chance to perform a fan meeting where the amusement and surprise comes together.

How AF Events was founded?

It is said that sometimes luck comes as a blessing.

Luck feels like walking on heavens clouds. But to be honest, luck arrives for most of us mortals after a long way of hard work and perseverance with many obstacles to be overcome.

Someday as the Always Fans Events Team met, we felt that everyone is involved with efforts, but with a common way behind. Same feelings and a lot of different ideas made the rest. Some lines were enough to know that to work for a common objective is all about “feeling”.

Perhaps you have thousands of goals within reach, but not without the support of a 100% involved team.